VDK 2.0 TP is here!

April 6th, 2011

VDK 2.0 (v2dk – Voice&VideoOverIpDevelopmentKit) is out! well… kind of :)

We’re very proud to announce the first technical preview of upcoming VDK 2.0.
This release includes the much awaited video support. The tech preview supports just windows platforms but, fear not :) , Linux and Mac Os X versions are just around the corner :)

By clicking here: VDK 2.0 Tech Preview for Windows (VS2008 - 32bit) [12.41 MB]
you can download a RAR archive containing the following:
* VDK 2.0 dll and the files necessary to compile projects with it
* a simple example that shows how to make a video VoIP call and test webcam in loopback (you can also try to see what happens if you test both features at the same time ;) )
* fully commented source code for the above example

The archive is password protected, the password is the name of the archive: v2dkTP

Note: please bear in mind this is a tech preview, crashes might be expected and code has no kind of optimization whatsoever. We will be more than glad to receive any feedback you might want to give us.

VDK is now an official Qt Ambassador!

March 14th, 2011

We’re very proud to announce that starting today VDK is now an official Qt Ambassador!
Check out the Qt Nokia Ambassador Site: http://qt.nokia.com/showcase

Qt Ambassador Logo

Qt Ambassador

… and we’re back!

December 21st, 2010

Or to say it another way: “The rumors about our death have been greatly exaggerated!

We’ve been quiet for a while, but rest assured that we’re far from dead :)
In fact, in order to give you a brand new Xmas gift we’re proud to announce the release of VDK 1.1 (Fawkes) for all platforms.

A brief changelog follows:

  • A bunch of new codecs (G722, G728, G723, ecc.) available on all platforms.
  • G729 is now available on all platforms
  • .NET and Java helper modules are now part of official distribution and no more separate packages. You can now VoIP in your favourite programming language!
  • HD Audio
  • Noise Suppression API
  • New low-level API (get call details: jitter, rtt, packet loss and more) – A glimpse of what is still to come in low-level infrastructure
  • Support for Snow Leopard OS
  • A few bug-fixes and usability issues were fixed.

We’ve been also pretty busy restructuring the internal architecture in order to integrate the long-awaited video! (yes it is coming! :) )

Happy VoIPing and merry Christmas to everyone :)

Special Christmas Offer!

December 15th, 2009


NetResults announces a 15% discount on any order for all VDK versions (except the bundle Win32+Linux+MacOsX) for the month of December only!

This Special Discount is our way to wish a very Merry Christmas to our current and new customers.

Best wishes from our team!

VDK developers at Qt Developer Days 2009

October 12th, 2009

VDK developers will be present at Qt Developer Days 2009, the largest Qt-specific event, that will take place in Munich (Germany) from Oct 12-14. The team of developers, in fact, landed to Munich to attend the 3 days of workshops and seminars for Qt users.