… and we’re back!

Tuesday, December 21st, 2010

Or to say it another way: “The rumors about our death have been greatly exaggerated!

We’ve been quiet for a while, but rest assured that we’re far from dead :)
In fact, in order to give you a brand new Xmas gift we’re proud to announce the release of VDK 1.1 (Fawkes) for all platforms.

A brief changelog follows:

  • A bunch of new codecs (G722, G728, G723, ecc.) available on all platforms.
  • G729 is now available on all platforms
  • .NET and Java helper modules are now part of official distribution and no more separate packages. You can now VoIP in your favourite programming language!
  • HD Audio
  • Noise Suppression API
  • New low-level API (get call details: jitter, rtt, packet loss and more) – A glimpse of what is still to come in low-level infrastructure
  • Support for Snow Leopard OS
  • A few bug-fixes and usability issues were fixed.

We’ve been also pretty busy restructuring the internal architecture in order to integrate the long-awaited video! (yes it is coming! :) )

Happy VoIPing and merry Christmas to everyone :)