April, 2011

VDK 2.0 TP is here!

April 6th, 2011

VDK 2.0 (v2dk – Voice&VideoOverIpDevelopmentKit) is out! well… kind of :)

We’re very proud to announce the first technical preview of upcoming VDK 2.0.
This release includes the much awaited video support. The tech preview supports just windows platforms but, fear not :) , Linux and Mac Os X versions are just around the corner :)

By clicking here: VDK 2.0 Tech Preview for Windows (VS2008 - 32bit) [12.41 MB]
you can download a RAR archive containing the following:
* VDK 2.0 dll and the files necessary to compile projects with it
* a simple example that shows how to make a video VoIP call and test webcam in loopback (you can also try to see what happens if you test both features at the same time ;) )
* fully commented source code for the above example

The archive is password protected, the password is the name of the archive: v2dkTP

Note: please bear in mind this is a tech preview, crashes might be expected and code has no kind of optimization whatsoever. We will be more than glad to receive any feedback you might want to give us.