Getting StartedGetting Started

Welcome to VoIP Development Kit (VDK)!

Installation process is very easy. Just go to the Get it now! page and download the installer of the trial version for the platform you need or proceed to the purchase of a full featured version.

Once you get the installer just launch it and follow the installation instructions.  At the end of the process VDK libraries are ready to be included in your software projects.

Tutorial ExamplesVDK Project Samples and Tutorials

Step-by-step tutorials are provided to help users to get familiar to VDK Development.  For each sample project you can find source code and a video-tutorial which will drive you to build your first VoIP-featured applications using VDK. Sample Projects are available for different platform and programming environments

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VDK Reference DocumentationVDK Reference Documentation

The fastest way to get answers to most of your questions is to search through our extensive online documentation.

VDK Reference Documentation is an easy-to-explore manual with direct hiperlink text to specific Classes/Members/Types description. Reference Docs are constantly updated and represent a fundamental resource to fully understand VDK technical details.

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Community ResourcesCommunity Resources

Can’t find an answer in our FAQ section? Browse through our discussion forums. Some of our more knowledgeable customers and our employees frequent the forums on a regular basis

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